Larry Connor, The Connor Group & Dihydrogen Monoxide Exposure

The Connor Group with Larry Connor…

Larry Connor
gismoxan rulz

…Larry Connor and The Connor Group owns and manages eleventeen thousand apartments in Ohio, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Through exhaustive investigation, this website has discovered that the residents of many of these apartments are exposed to high levels of DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE. While most modern apartments have developed safeguards against the dangers of DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE such as windows, doors, roofing, and plumbing, The Connor Group seems unable to master these technologies or unwilling to invest in them. ¬†Larry Connor, Grand Poobah of The Connor Group, when not asked did not comment, ” We require all our residents to have renter’s insurance because you just never know when the ceiling of one of our luxury apartments just might fall on your head.”

Such was the case when Larry Connor and The Connor Group doing business as Arbors of Watermark had this lawsuit filed against them. It was a common story. Water meets resident. Resident calls maintenance. Maintenance says they fixed it. Water returns shortly thereafter. This time the water brought down the ceiling on the resident. The resident sued. Larry Connor and The Connor Group seemed to use the defense that the resident should have seen how fucked up his apartment was and not gone near it to save his personal belongings. I could be reading that wrong. I’m not a lawyer.


Arbors of Watermark – The Connor Group Complaint

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