Breaker, Breaker

BBB Files

More tales of woe from the Dayton Better Business Bureau. This one comes from The Meridian Apartments in Columbus, OH. Larry Connor has stated that this is his favorite property. He enjoys the tree line boulevard and all the twinkly Christmas lights in those trees year round. The residents may or may not pay for those lights in their Common Electric fee thru First Billing Services, a subsidiary of The Connor Group. The warm glow of the lights may be detracting from some other electrical problems.

I have put in 4 services requests in 2 weeks because my electricity has gone out including the furnace. My apartment is the only one affected…. -See more at:  01/13/2014 LINK

This is an example of what The Connor Group employees have to put up with from their residents: nothing but complaints. What this resident fails to understand is that while we are fourteen years into the 21st century, electricity has only been around a hundred years or so. It’s a new science and The Connor Group is doing their best to wrap their minds around it. See how they responded:

She is correct in that she had been having issues ongoing for a couple weeks. This breaker melted and **** (tech) had to go and replace (twice)… – Same link as above: 01/13/2014 LINK

See unreasonable resident, the “tech” has replaced your MELTED breakers twice. The Property Manager goes on to say the the “tech” checks every couple of days to ensure that they are no longer getting hot. Yes resident, you did have a problem, but The Connor Group staff learned from their mistakes. They learned: HOT = BAD. Which seems like a pretty good lesson for someone who is not…what the word for those guys who specialize in electricity? It’s not “tech”. I can’t think of it now. At least they gave you a space heater…a device which draws a lot of current to use in your apartment…the one with the electrical problems. Besides, it’s not like The Connor Group has any problems in the past.


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