The Connor Group Complaints and Scams End In Lawsuit?

Have The Connor Group Complaints and Scams Finally Ended in a Lawsuit?

The mantra of a lawsuit to address what residents have considered The Connor Group complaints and scams has bounced around the internet for years. It may be taking place. It may have already taken place. Not being a lawyer, our reading of these documents is spotty at best. Here is our layman’s take on it.

Filed as a class action suit, it has at least one plaintiff pursuing $75K in damages related to mold, cleaning personal effects, and cost of moving. Not much press on it as The Connor Group seems to have slapped a pretty tight gag order on it to protect “…trade secrets, confidential information, test data, scientific information and other proprietary information and processes, business plans and other secret information,…”.

Scientific information? I could see protecting artistic information, but there hasn’t been proprietary or secret about their business processes since Moses brought down the tablets.

The suit seems to involve…maybe you better sit down for this. The suit seems to involve mold. Shocking, I know.

The Connor Group seems to be shopping for a more sympathetic court. It seems Stone Ridge at the Vining, 3000 Cumberland Club Dr Atlanta, GA 30339 is actually a Delaware company. That’s got to be a helluva’ commute. And since The Connor Group, of scams and complaints fame, and Heartland Water, since “purchased by First Billing”, are Ohio companies, The Connor Group does not believe they should be tried in Georgia court. Larry Connor apparently does not know where he wants to stand at these times of challenges and controversy, but it’s not in Georgia.

the connor group complaints and scams
Larry Connor posing in front of another meaningless platitude he pays lip service to with his words and spits upon with his deeds.

Interesting, one reason The Connor Group puts forward for moving the lawsuit to another venue is that is may easily exceed $5 million dollars. “You can’t sue me here. We may be too guilty and have to pay too much to be tried here.” Again, I’m not an attorney, but I’ve learned not to confuse ‘justice’ with ‘the law’.

The plaintiff was represented by Morgan & Morgan. Follow the link. There is a form to enter for more info and a Live Chat window also pops up. This site is not associated with Morgan & Morgan.

Case No: 1:2012cv02633 Christopher Cox vs. Stone Ridge at Vinings, LLC; The Connor Group; and Heartland Regional Power

 The Connor Group Lawsuit – Stone Ridge at Vinings

8 thoughts on “The Connor Group Complaints and Scams End In Lawsuit?”

    1. Thanks for the tip. We don’t really expect much from BBB complaints as far as resolution and we know they don’t care about anything that doesn’t have “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE” printed on it. However, it does force them to publicly document their version of the “truth”.

      1. This site is so awesome and helpful! I printed it out and gave it to my neighbors that just left although they still have months left on their lease so they can use it when they go to small claims court. The choice was either stay and continue to risk their health with mold and mildew or leave and hope for the best in court since BBB did nothing to help. We even reported this company to code compliance but unfortunately they don’t deal with mold or mildew. It’s sad!

        1. This is a result of me trying to reach out to the BBB. The Connor Group lied and closed my complaint claiming I wasn’t on the lease or a authorized occupant and BBB reopened my complaint because The Connor Group thinks I’m a idiot or something and wouldn’t have a copy of my lease.
          04/17/2013 lwar BBB BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU COMMENT : This complaint has been closed as an information only complaint as the company has explained that the consumer is not the leaseholder of the unit and not an authorized occupant.
          04/17/2013 lwar BBB Case Determined to be INFO ONLY – No Wait
          04/17/2013 lwar EMAIL Inform Consumer – Case Closed INFO ONLY
          04/17/2013 Otto EMAIL Inform Business of Case Closed INFO ONLY
          04/17/2013 Otto BBB Case Closed INFO ONLY
          04/18/2013 BBB MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : This again is a example of this company not keeping proper records because we have records showing that I am on the lease and am a occupant. I am more than happy to show records to this really unprofessional company.
          04/18/2013 lwar BBB ReOpen the Complaint
          Document Attached

          1. My BBB complaint isn’t currently on there for public view because it was reopened and not closed as of yet.

  1. FYI (and I am sure this comes as no surprise) Heartland Regional Power Company was not “bought” by FBS …same people running it, and same people working there. Just a different name.

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