Pooh Water

PoohWaterIf you’re having trouble reading that:

That’s poo water coming from the closet ceiling. From a pipe that has been leaking since before we moved in. Yeah. Remember that ocean in the hallway earlier this year? Same pipe. Lease is up in May. Cannot WAIT to move. Don’t rent from #theconnorgroup #leak #apartment #Stoneridgeatvinings #poowater #closet #clothesruined #cardboard #maintenance

Hmmm….that sounds like Tortious Interference. That could end up costing you $100K, but don’t sweat it. I got this one. Just put it on my tab.

Complaints -­­ Housing/Rentals -­­ Development and Inspections -­­ Mike Hughes -­­ 770-­­528-­­2044 InstructionsforRentalHousingComplaints.pdf 

Cox v. Stone Ridge@Vinings; The Connor Group

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