Mad Libs

I sympathize with attorney ______. Being _______ lawyer must be as tiresome, grotesque and demeaning as being his inadequately-supplied anus bleacher. But no matter how freakishly swollen a client’s ego, an ethical lawyer is supposed to refrain from filing vexatious publicity-seeking claims. ______ failed at that ethical obligation. Shame on him. And _____? The man clearly […]

Four Fiddity

From a Glassdoor review: “Their budget is a joke, a 450 dollar Budget? Really ? These properties are far from brand new and require contractor help at times.” I’ve read and had former employees tell me $1500 a month which seems low to me. If true, $450 is just near neglectful to me. Maybe that […]

Forged Lease

If I recall, The Connor Group included some bullshit about a forged lease in their million dollar SLAPP suit. A Texas resident filed a BBB complaint. The Connor Group told the BBB she wasn’t on the lease. The BBB recommended the resident file a Fair Housing complaint. She did. The Connor Group settled. This is […]

Happy Birthday Walter


“Walter Payton was born July 25, 1954. In his legendary 13-year NFL career, Payton set a plethora of rushing records, a few of which still stand today, on his way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame….Payton also gained his nickname, Sweetness, in college during the Senior Bowl college all-star game.” Word is that Larry […]

Another Case of Butt-Hurt


That’s a sweet gesture. Maybe Larry Connor isn’t such a bad guy. Uh-oh. Appears the bloom is off the rose. I can’t speak to the matter of whether Larry Connor promotes a hostile work environment for women at The Connor Group. I do find it very believable though that they would use their lawyers to threaten […]