Larry Connor Kills Kittens

Larry Connor Kills Kittens

I’m fleshing out a work tentatively called Larry Connor Kills Kittens. This work deals with free expression in the marketplace, town square, state house, and theater and the everyday threats faced by this fundamental right. The hero of the story is every-man, humble and lovable shoe shine boy. The villain of this tale is the maniacal meglomaniac Larry Connor. The protagonists mainly interact in absentia online and in court filings, but finally meet in the climatic ending at a fund-raiser/mark-identifier for the San Narcisso Under-Performing Properties & Arts Alliance (spoiler alert: giant robots Deus ex Felina ).

I won’t mention sub-plots or love interests at the moment since they may end up on the cutting room floor due to artistic, technical and legal challenges. I have my best people working on them and hope to deliver a complete package to my audience.

Artistic Challenges

Probably the greatest artistic challenge facing the production of Larry Connor Kills Kittens is that I am a talent-less hack relying on a smidgen of liberal arts electives from a mediocre college. If you have mad art skillz and would like to assist, I welcome the help. Or, if you have mad ducats and would like to be my patron, we can become PayPals*.

Technical challenges

They’re very similar to above. Just replace ‘artistic’ with ‘technical’. I’ve improved the speech, but lost some of the video. If anyone has experience with text-to-speech or text-to-understandable-21st-Century-American-English, that would be helpful.

Legal challenges

There are those who fear MY ART, who are jealous of MY ART, and wish to keep MY ART from my fans. These groups include the usual suspects, haterz and Illuminati, and a Group my attorney advises me not to disclose. Those of you in the know will be able to crack the code. Allow me to give a concrete example of how this legal harassment affects MY ART (Or should that be ‘effects’? See above re: liberal arts **).

The Group that we dare not speak its name has stated in the complaint in their defamation lawsuit that I lied about the Group re-keying the locks on an apartment, only giving a key to one resident who happened to be white, not giving a key to the other resident who possessed a bit more pigmentation, forging a lease that only contained the melanin-challenged residents, and calling the police on the illegally evicted resident when she had the gall to complain.

I blogged about this incident after the resident found out about me because of my existing legal troubles with the Group. She told me her story, answered my questions, filed a BBB complaint, and filed a complaint with HUD (which I may have suggested). HUD found her story credible enough to forward it to the City of Dallas Fair Housing to investigate. I do not know exactly what happened after this, but my experience leads me to believe that the Group arrived at a settlement with the resident and this settlement include a stipulation that she not disclose any terms of this settlement. After all of this, the Group still included this in their complaint against me in front of a federal judge:

8. By way of example, between September/October 2012 and January 21, 2014, Defendant intentionally and maliciously published the following false and disparaging statements to injure one or both Plaintiffs in their trade, business, or occupation:…(i) that an employee at a Connor Group affiliated property intentionally forged a lease with racist motives;

If I may presume to read your mind, you’re thinking that there is now way that this particular count can stand up in front of a judge or jury. Truth is an absolute defense against defamation charges. I agree, but….

In order to find my wife’s real killers to begin to prove it TEH TRUTH, I had to file a Freedom of Information Act request with the City of Dallas (CoD) for records that the court would recognize as supporting my statements and opinions. CoD asked for a clarification. I sent a clarification. I started checking my mailbox after a week. I inquired to CoD about the status of my request. CoD had compiled my request but had forwarded it to the Attorney General for a ruling on whether certain items could be released and whether specific information should be redacted on that which is released. Understandable, Fair Housing authorities have a responsibility to shield claimants from retaliation and such. There is one little blurb that sticks in my craw:

As of date of this letter, the city has not obtained the written consent of the parties to disclose such information.

I can understand the resident who has likely signed a non-disclosure agreement being hesitant to sign a release, but the Group that was investigated for violating the civil rights of one of its residents hasn’t released the information to the person they are suing for blogging that they acted in a way that violated the civil rights of one of its residents. Are you still with me?

Good. Because we (I’ve decided we are a team now and are am conjugating appropriately) still need to get our hands on the info relating to letter (i) [You thought that was a Roman numeral didn’t you?] from numeral (8) from the second amendent complaint (aka the 3rd complaint they’ve filed) and get it to our attorney (can u feel the ‘buy-in’?). He will then have to file an answer to this particular charge and all the others. All of this is being done outside and before we’ve even stepped in the court room. Actually, the plural pronouns are correct.

  • We are paying for the court system that this Group uses as a crude tool to punish errant residents, vendors, and employees
  • We are paying for the subsidized loans this Group acquires with concerns as to the veracity of their loan applications
  • We are paying for the subsidized loans & lease on this Group’s crooked HQ
  • We are paying because all this bullshit prevent me from creating and you from enjoying MY ART

Returning to your imagined question, this will probably not stand up in court. That was not why The Connor Group filed this lawsuit (Damn. I we said their name. Too late now.) The truth was pretty much known last spring. The purpose of this lawsuit was to make me us crawl through a river of shit if we want to come out clean.


* Before you ask for custom, private nude Snapchats in exchange for your patronage, a previous patron has already required I agree not to participate in human trafficking and remain clothed at all times as a stipulation of their support.

** In high school, I had a female English teacher with alopecia areata. I am about the age now that she was then when I was in her class. I have the opposite condition where hair is increasingly found on some or all areas of my body. I have difficulty dragging my ass out of bed to go to work and I do not have to face a cast of 500 different smart asses such as myself. Belated mad props back to Ms. Bubb.


Gunga La Gunga

Quincy Fulton formerly resided in Michigan and decided to move to Georgia. Mr.
Fulton rented an apartment from The Connor Group and Stone Ridge in the Stone Ridge at Vinings apartment complex on or around August 13, 2007 and moved into said apartment the following day.


On the morning of Oct. 22, 2007, three days out and nearly 13,000 feet up Mount Kilimanjaro, Larry Connor and Mike McQuiston awoke to clear skies.


The first night he lived in said apartment, Mr. Fulton woke to find a flood of raw sewage in his apartment.


Although he says his climbing career is “one and done” and described the final ascent as “pure misery,” Connor said the trip gave him time to reflect.


“You have a tremendous amount of time to think. And I thought, ‘Maybe there’s a couple of things I ought to change about how I interact with people.’


Due to Mr. Fulton’s weakened immunity, Mr. Fulton has been unable to permanently be cured of this infection. There is a strong possibility that Mr. Fulton will continue to have occurrences of this rash and infection on a regular basis for the rest of his natural life.


Maybe it was because I’m on a mountain and I couldn’t breathe too well, but yeah, there was some residual value.”


I guess Larry’s epiphany didn’t last too long. Connor fought the lawsuit Fulton filed saying it was Fulton’s fault he developed MRSA from multiple flooding of his apartment with raw sewage. Connor brought even greater resources to bear years later to fight a class action lawsuit at the same property for the same type of problems. Maybe Larry needs to go back up that mountain and spend a little more time there.. Or maybe he should have just stayed up there.