Just For Grins

This website has been a little hard on Larry Connor and The Connor Group about not being able to get things fixed. Here’s an easy one. This has been broken for years, but let’s see how fast they get this fixed.

If you go to the About US page of The Connor Group website and click on the bio for Larry Connor, it says that Larry graduated ‘suma cum laude’.

“Summa Cum Laude” generally means “with highest honor”.

“Suma Cum Laude” would be “with sum honor”.

Maybe they were going for “with some honor”.  Whatever honor he had then, he managed to shake it off.


Reporters Notebook: Gentry’s Walk Redux

  • Gentry’s Walk Building 300 catches fire
    • Alarms are said to not worked
    • Sprinklers said to not work
    • Fire Department Connection disconnected
    • Senior Mngr said: ‘waiting on wrench? (Chris Mullins?)
    • Possible fines (still checking)T
  • The Connor Group/Chris Mullins files for variance
    • Cost associated would create unnecessary hardship
    • Partial repair/Not a complete reconstruction
    • Building new up to code benefits no one
  • Chris Mullins was instrumental in new $16MHQ being built
  • The Connor Group Core Values
    • Do The Right Thing
    • People Count
    • Live the Circle of Success
    • Long-Term Trumps Short-Term
    • Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Building Permit

  • Signed? Balfor? The Connor Group?

Cover Sheet

Granted Variance


The Connor Group upgraded apartments at Steeplechase Apartments with them there fancy shiny stoves. Trouble is them new fangled stoves is bigger than the old ones.


That there’s The Connor Group ingenuity at work. *do the right thing*people count*long-term trumps short-term*relentless pursuit of excellence* You take one a dem fancy electric saws that can cut a fancy corner and you gots yourself a fancy gourmet kitchen.  The lazy techs at Orchards of Landen just glued the drawer shut. It don’t look like the fancy plastic wood they used on the floor faired to well. It tends to shrink somewhat when the fancy plumbing leaks.


(Does that flag look like North Korea photoshop?)


Looky there, it some of that fancy new toliet water that that Jessica Simpson puts out called Fancy. Ooooh wee. I hear that goes for $60 a bottle. That sure is nice of Stephanie Woods to do sumpin’ fancy for one of her customers employees.

Jet Life

The Connor Group can’t come to the phone right now.  We’re busy flying around the country in one of our three planes. Please feel free to get a motel room until we care to get around to your problem. 


In case you’re having trouble telling if this is one of my smart assed photo-shopped pictures, let me tell you it is not. These shirt heels who can’t seem to manage to fix a leak or an air conditioner fly their fembots around the country as reward for fleecing their customers. That sounds like something you’d make up, but  it’s not. These jackasses parody themselves and somehow get away with it. 

Reporters Notebook: Northwoods


Anonymous cub reporter from Northwoods reports in that there is a problem with the dryer vents.

  • One of the problems is they are not venting.
  • Another is they are not venting outside the apartment.
  • There are multiple dryers connected to the same exhaust.
  • There are non-compliant, flexible materials used for venting.

I’m told that this is not up to code. I’m told The Connor Group/Northwoods has been told this is not up to code. I’m told TCG/NW said they’re not going to do anything about it.

What do I know? The Columbus building inspectors (Mechanical) have been to the property. The apparent contact is Mike Roush. This is all I’ve been able to establish so far. I’ve emailed Mike some questions because I heard the next step might be shutting down the apartments and displacing the residents.

It would suck to be displaced unexpectedly from your residence. It would suck more to have your residence catch on fire. It puts an inspector in a bind. It would be a hell of a lot easier if someone went down to Lowe’s and bought the proper materials. That might put a financial hardship on The Connor Group though.


In lighter news, the good weather had allowed Larry Connor to drive his McLaren sports car to work. You don’t get to fart around Dayton in a quarter million dollar car by wasting money on duct work, amiright?


Reporter’s Notebook Fairway Lakes

To drive down expenses, The Connor Group goes through each expense report line by line. One example of how Connor lowers costs is painting. In an Atlanta apartment complex, the previous ownership group was spending $149,000 per year to outsource its interior painting.
New Computer 440

To be fair, this picture is not at an Atlanta complex. It is at Fairway Lakes at Little Turtle. I don’t know whether the painting was done in house. I do know the end result was out house.


Same apartment. That red tag was put there by a Columbia Gas service person. The CG guy told the resident that it was leaking gas form the center part of the consul in the middle. He said you can’t really fix it, it needs replaced. He told the resident, “don’t let them take this off, because they will try. Make them replace it and make sure whoever does it is licensed/certified”.  The resident said the maintenance guy, Steve, came in later that day, ripped the tag off, said “if you fart those (gas) detectors go off” and went to leave. To be fair, “Steve” may have known more than the Columbia Gas guy. It’s not like there’s ever been a problem with leaking gas in an apartment building.

And it’s not like there’s ever been a problem with maintenance at an apartment owned by The Connor Group that’s nearly caused a catastrophe.


Gentrys Walk Fire Report by RENTN.ORG

Still, this doesn’t say that The Connor Group was negligent or didn’t know what they were doing or were taking short-cuts to save money. To state that without courts records of an adverse ruling or $6000 fine would be defamatory. All this says is that the sprinklers did not go off, the FDC was disconnected (Fire Department Connection: location in which the fire department can hook to the building sprinkler system), and The Connor Group Regional manager said they were waiting on a wrench. And it doesn’t matter what an Atlanta Fire Marshall said about most apartments having sprinkler companies maintain their systems.

All we have here is Connor Group employees in Columbus in 2013 who are said to know more than the gas company and Connor Group employees in Atlanta in 2011 who are said to know more than the fire safety companies. This does not demonstrate a pattern of ignoring the safety and well being of their residents. Now maybe if there was another shoe to drop, then you could call it a pattern. I wouldn’t call it a pattern. I’m in enough trouble.

Life Is Good – Nerd Alert

I won’t kid you. This lawsuit thing has had some nervous times. Today ended on Zen moment. What a crazy, beautiful world we live in.  I get screwed and sued by some greedy asshole in Dayton, Ohio and I end up connecting with a Turkish kid in Malaysia who causes me to have a headache because I’m laughing so hard at his work. This is for all the other young Turks I’ve met on this journey.

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