Happy Thanksgiving

If this is your first visit to the blog, Larry Connor is the nouveau riche, white trash landlord and founder of the billion dollar firm, The Connor Group. I’m the online smart-ass who Larry is suing for defamation. Defamation used to be the legal means to recover damages for libel or slander. Any more, it is the legal means of the butthurt to punish the butthurter. The “Streisand Effect” is the where suing someone to silence them turns around and bites you in the ass. For example, Google ‘The Connor Group’. As of today, the second Google result is a Columbus Dispatch article on this spurious lawsuit. (Here is another article if you want to drive up the results on it. It’s even more damning.) My irreverent, no-traffic blog has turned into two Dispatch articles, a local TV story, the first page of Google results, and TWO federal court cases with one of them involving Public Citizen litigation group. Despite what has to be undesirable results, there is no settlement offer and no sign of ending litigation. Maybe there’s no such thing as bad publicity in the real estate investment business.

The holidays are approaching. There’s PTO to burn. I think the blog is going to go on a winter hiatus. Time to sit back and reflect on the previous year and plan for the upcoming year. Take advantage of the long, dark nights and finish the half-dozen books I got going. There is also that Linux high-performance computing cluster I started, but never finished installing the database. Unless something else comes up, it’s time for a little holiday. What might that something else be?

Well…for instance, Larry Connor decided to quit being such a fucking pussy. Yes, if Larry decided to strap a pair on and man up himself, I’d be up for a little back and forth. Fat chance of that happening though. Larry, the beaming prick, will continue to cower behind his lawyers, his communication director, his production companies, or whatever unbearable brown-noser he has yet to fuck over. Still, if by some Christmas miracle he ceases to be a blithering ball of bile and buzzwords, I’ll end my holiday early.

Rat Poison

bUTTHURT2 LarryConnor

Larry Connor

Why So Serious?

Waste of Time


Another satisfied customer taking your rage to the interwebs.

The amount of time and energy I have spent dealing with these people is ridiculous.

You’re absolutely right anonymous critic. The Connor Group and their volleying partner, First Billing Services, are certified wasters of other people’s time and money. Thanks to the MVFH decision, “Connor Group” is becoming a legal verb for depleting and diverting other peoples resources that could have been better spent doing something else besides trying to make The Connor Group ‘Do the Right Thing’.



Second Amendment

Seriously? A well-regulated militia post?

No. This is not about the right to bear arms. The Connor Group (TCG) has asked the court to file an amended complaint in the spurious defamation/tortious interference lawsuit they filed against me.


In September 2013, TCG filed a defamation lawsuit. In February 2014, they amended the initial complaint to a defamation and a tortious interference. Now over a year after the initial complaint, TCG wishes to amend the complaint again to add new allegations, “…as well as withdraw some allegations that Plaintiffs have elected not to pursue further”.


Still unclear? In September 2013, TCG said I made some statements. TCG said each one of those statements caused them $75,000 in damages. In November 2014, TCG has elected not to pursue some of those 27 damaging defamatory $75,000 word bombs that were allegedly hurled at them (I say ‘alleged’ not to be cute. We asked TCG to identify the defamatory statements. They refused.) Now they not only do not wish to identify them, they are attempting to walk away from some of them. I wonder which ones they’re running away from?

I don’t know, Andy.


Andy Dufresne – who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side.

No. Sorry. This isn’t Andy. I think we have our narratives crossed.

Whoa…did you see that?

Yeah…I know. I was talking with him. I said I wonder which ones they’re running away from?

Which ones what?

Cheese and rice. I get the internal monologue with ADD. I wonder if I’d get in trouble trying to fill a prescription in my pseudonym’s name.

Step off, professor. You do what you’re good at. I’ll do what I’m good at.