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…with open design.


Just a little real estate joke! Want to hear another? Lexington Park apartments are in contract for sale. These are the apartments mentioned in the Columbus Dispatch article. The ones where HUD challenged the ‘veracity’ of The Connor Group’s mortgage application. The ones where HUD listed $600K in repairs and The Connor Group’s experts listed $1-$5K. The ones where Larry Connor is said to have involved Sean Foreman and another partner in filling a cracked swimming pool that was known to not hold water before a prospective buyer was to visit (un-trusted source).

What’s the joke? Well, the joke is on the residents. Lexington Park still sucks. Larry Connor, Sean Foreman, and all the other clowns involved will keep laughing their way to the bank.

The rest of the HUD docs for Lexington Park are here.

The HUD pictures are here.

What Is Love?

More insight from a former The Connor Group employee:

Looking back I remember being told, just make money for the property by whatever means necessary and in return I was “granted” permission to hang out after hours with Angie Castle (VP/Partner) and Sheila Conner (VP/Partner).

After hours?

Night clubbing and drinking… least a few nights a week. Larry buys his VP’s a brand new car when they make partner, so lots of nights in a brand new corvette.

Nice boss. I guess if the residents are happy…

When I first got the job and was out of training. Lots of mold, subfloors in apartments on the third floor caved through to the second floor…

I believe the floor caved when the apartment was vacant and the property Manager (who was also fired) was the one who fell through.

It makes my skin crawl the business practices that are the culture at that time.

I spoke with the the property manager said to have fallen through the floor. She told me she has had a stroke and doesn’t remember anything about working for TCG or falling through a floor. She was asked for a deposition regarding a dog bite at a TCG property and couldn’t recall anything. She said TCG owed her money after they fired her and didn’t want anything to do with that company. She was able to remember that much at least.


Swindle – Deflect

More musings from a former employee of The Connor Group:

You have to remember every month you had financial meetings, many times Larry would be there and you had to speak to the “extra” income that rolled in that month…(i.e. rental renewals and how much you could swindle out of the returning resident, application fees, pet rent, and previous residents collections,)

Rough talk coming from a former employee.

deflect \di-‘flekt\ : to keep (something, such as a question) from affecting or being directed at a person or thing

Total Protonic Appellate Reversal

More people find me now that The Connor Group sued me and propelled the story to the first page of Google. Former and current residents and employees get a hold of me. Here are some excerpts from a dialogue with an employee.

Yes!  [Attorney Name] and their office was on permanent retainer for all the properties.  We had their office on speed dial for anything related to Cease and Desists on up to evictions.

When a letter like the one you attached would be sent out it was usually in response to an irate tenant threatening to get their own attorney involved.  The scare tactic would be that TCG already has attorneys in their corner ready to come after anyone, regardless of the situation.  If any tenant wanted to pursue matters further then they would be in for a legal battle in which money was no object.

  • The Connor Group used lawyers to scare residents with the threat of litigation.
  • The Connor Group sued me for stating they give residents a reason to fear them.

Isn’t this like some kind of legal matter/anti-matter situation. Shouldn’t these two statements cancel each other into oblivion or cause a huge explosion. These statements seem diametrically opposed and unable to exist in reality, but they do. Therefore, there is something wrong with my model. I’ve been working with a model of one reality and two statements that cannot both be true. What I need is a model with two realities where both statements can be true. One reality where TCG scares residents. One reality where TCG does not scare their residents and saying so can get you sued.

My model now fits my observations, but the question is now how to apply it? In other words, how do I go about identifying which court is in which reality? How do I go about convincing the right judge that their venue is not appropriate because of my newly discovered legal string theory?

Is there an insanity defense in civil defamation cases?



Charges for Service

This is a listing of service charges off of a move-out inspection checklist from The Connor Group. It was current October 2012

Paint per room-color change $  100.00
Paint per room-color change $    50.00
Paint touch up (minimum) $    25.00
Drywall repair (minimum) $    50.00
Mini blinds (minimum per blind) $    30.00
Vertical blinds (minimum per blind) $  150.00
Plantation blinds (minimum per blind) $  100.00
Broken/cracked glass $  125.00
Replace disposal $    70.00
Carpet cleaning – per room $    40.00
Trash removal (minimum) $    80.00
General cleaning (minimum) $    65.00
Mailbox key not returned $    25.00
Apartment key not returned $    25.00
Replace security locks $    50.00
Replace door frames (minimum) $  100.00
Replace interior door $  100.00
Carpet repair (minimum) $    75.00
Damage ceramic tile (minimum) $  150.00
Replace vinyl floor per room $  150.00
Damage to counter top (minimum) $  150.00
Replace window screen $    40.00
Carpet/Pad replacement (minimum) $  500.00
Replace missing refrigerator $  550.00
Replace missing stove $  500.00
Replace missing dishwasher $  270.00
Furniture removal (minimum) $  100.00
Pest control/treatment (minimum) $  250.00
Cabinet damage (minimum) $  150.00
Appliance cleaning (minimum) $    50.00
Garage door opener/gates $    50.00
Fireplace Damage (minimum) $    50.00
Odor elimination $  100.00

My Worst Enemy



1/31/2007Villages of WildwoodI wouldn’t recommend the Villages of Wildwood to my worst enemy.
5/15/2007Kensington Park I would never recommend this place to my worst enemy.
1/18/2009Stone Ridge at ViningsThis place would not be recommended to my worst enemy (comments)
5/18/2009NorthlakeSince then this place is not somewhere I would recommend to my worst enemy.
11/25/2009Villages of WildwoodAll of our screens in the windows were dented and pushed out, we had to fight with them to get those fixed. bad carpeting, . just all around terrible and i would not recommend my worst enemy to live here!
1/4/2010Northlake Thank God I left when I did because they single handedly ran that property into the ground. I wouldn’t let my worst enemy live there.
10/7/2010MeridianWouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy if I had one!
11/5/2010Trellises I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.
12/17/2010Union StationIt is flat out gross and i wouldnt suggest this place to my worst enemy.
5/14/2011Stone Ridge at Vinings…The Connor Group. I personally would not wish my worst enemy to live here.
5/18/2011Cheasapeake Landing I would not want my worst enemy to have dealings with this apartment complex, please look elsewhere !!! I
6/4/2011Grandview SummitWhile the connor group owned them I wouldn’t have recommended them to anyone, including my worst enemy.
6/30/2011NorthlakeConnor Group is so shady and sneaky, I wouldn’t let my worst enemy live in their properties.
2/8/2012GeorgetownI wouldn’t want my worst enemy to live here!
2/9/2012SteeplechaseI would not recommend this apartment to my worst enemy.
5/30/2012MeridianOverall, I definitely would NOT recommend this place, even to my worst enemy.
6/4/2012Legacy PointI wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy!
4/23/2013Quarry I wouldn’t recommend my worst enemy to live here.
4/30/2013Cobblestone GroveSo, I would NOT recommend Cobblestone to my worst enemy, not for emotional reasons, but for practical ones.
5/31/2013QuarryAt this point I would not recommend this apartment complex to my worst enemy.
8/20/2013MeridianI would not even tell my worst enemy to move into this apartment complex.
10/25/2013Charleston at Blue AshI wouldn’t wish this experience upon my worst enemy, let alone any nice couple or family that wants to live here.

Studied Harder

I should have studied harder when I was in school. Or maybe I should have taken some business classes instead of engaging in monkey business. I have a helluva’ time reading contracts and understanding them. Yesterday, I was reading how Larry Connor, Colorado businessman, assumed the mortgage from Larry Connor, Ohio businessman (or was it Larry Connor, Delaware businessman?) I just don’t have the financial acumen to understand why you would “sell” a business to yourself?

Thinking I might have misunderstood, I called Monarch Investment and Management Group. The Stonebridge apartments website lists them as managers, but it’s not clear if they are the owners. The deed is listed to a company MIMG XXVIII STONEBRIDGE SUB, LLC. The Colorado Secretary of State has the registered agent as Andy Newell. Andy Newell is listed as the CFO on the MIMG website.

Neil (Cusick?) from MIMG returned my call after leaving a message. I told him I read in the Dayton Business Journal that Stonebridge was owned and managed by MIMG and I wondered if that was correct. Neil wanted to know who I was and I why I wanted to know that information. I told him I am me. I wanted to know if that article was correct. Neil wanted to know if I was a reporter. No. We went round and round, but Neil, who appears to the Asset Manager, could not tell me if Stonebridge was one of their assets. Neil said I needed to talk with their General Counsel and go no assurances that the General Counsel would be able to answer my question.

So, it seems to be the position of a company that is in the business of investing in real estate that they can neither confirm nor deny Stonebridge apartments is real estate that they or their affiliates owns or even manages. The Connor Group doesn’t seem to want to lay claim to it. I guess if I had studied harder and had a better understanding of business, I might go stake a claim and call them mine. Then maybe I can find a bank to give me $4M with the backing of the US government. If that works, I’ll go claim Heritage Knolls next.



Stonebridge Apartments Fire

Stonebridge Apartments Fire

Aug 19, 2014 Crews were called to the Stonebridge apartments fire at 4502 Stonecastle Drive. Fifty people were reported to have been misplaced because of the Stonebridge apartments fire that affected 18 units. –source

Aug 20, 2014 The Dayton Daily news contacted property management for their plans moving forward for the tenants and building affected, but a spokesman declined comment. The Red Cross dispatched its disaster action team and sheltering team to the scene. Red Cross officials were assisting at least 15 families and were providing living arrangements until repairs or alternative housing could be arranged. –source

Aug 20, 2014 The $18M Connor Group central office opens with a black tie affair of nearly 350 in attendance. The evening offered a half-dozen fully stocked bars, over 20 servers, and a decadent array of fresh lobster, colossal shrimp, and sea scallops catered by Chefs Marshall Bartley and Matthew Hayden of Meals From Scratch. –source


June 29, 2012 Over two years ago, Larry Connor of STONEBRIDGE APARTMENTS, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company granted the deed to Stonebridge apartments to Larry Connor of MIMG XXVIII STONEBRIDGE SUB, LLC, a Colorado limited liability company, whose tax-mailing address was 6485 Centerville Business Pkwy, Centerville, OH 45459. No other deeds have been recorded.

If the Colorado company stills owns Stonebridge and Larry Connor is still associated with the Colorado company, it would appear that while the Red Cross was tending to families displaced by this fire, the owners of the burnt out property were nibbling on asparagus en croute with Brie and seared duck wonton with sesame ginger sauce. Like the pundits are often to say when the President goes golfing during a crisis, that possible scenario has “bad optics”. It is also possible that I cannot read legal documents and Larry Connor is not both the TRANSFEROR and TRANSFEREE of the mortgage on this property. 

stonebridge apartments fire


Stonebridge apartments fire

Lakes of Brice Apartments

Lakes of Brice Apartments

LAKES OF BRICE APARTMENTS, located in Columbus, Ohio, presents the opportunity to acquire a 256-unit, luxury community developed in 1997. The asset is situated in Southeast Franklin County, Ohio, bordering on the City of Canal Winchester. This section of Central Ohio is a warehousing and distribution hub with close to 50 million square feet of space in the sub-market.

Situated on nearly 25 well-landscaped acres, the acquisition of Lakes of Brice presents the opportunity to acquire one of the finer communities in the sub-market, with a long history of stable occupancy and a quality reputation. Lakes of Brice has been well-maintained and its units average 1,058 square feet – larger than its competitive set. Rents at Lakes of Brice apartments average $66 below the same competitive set. As the only property in its competitive set to offer three-bedroom units, Lakes of Brice is in prime position to achieve rent increases through cosmetic interior upgrades and patio renovations. Such improvements will further elevate Lakes of Brice’s attractiveness in the sub-market. –Source

Lakes of Brice apartments is owned and managed by The Connor Group. Lakes of Brice was said to have had nearly 90 air conditioners go out in one week. Sounds like a “well-maintained” property. CBRE is trying to sell it. Here’s a picture from their website.

Lakes of Brice apartments

Why does a “well-maintained” luxury apartment have a cheesy window unit hanging out the top?

Dark Chalk Talk by Larry Connor (no affiliation to Galactic Empire)

By way of example, Defendant made disparaging statements and innuendo over the internet…that Connor Group entices others to the Dark Side

The picture shown is obviously altered for effect. It shows Larry Connor, managing Sith of The Connor Group, talking to a group of students at the University of Dayton. The excerpt above it is lifted directly from a court document filed by The Connor Group. They desire $100,000 in compensatory and punitive damages for that statement.


OK. Wanted to give you a little time to get that WTF! out of your system. On this lazy Sunday afternoon, this is the state of America. A company that advertises $1.4 Billion in assets has filed a ‘fo realz’ complaint in a ‘fo realz’ court because it disputes the fact that it entices people into a fictional metaphysical concept in a series of George Lucas films. This same company retained an actual lawyer at a physical firm in the current constraints of time and space to go before a judge and submit the argument that The Connor Group does not coax people to manifest their anger, hate, and rage into acts of telepathy, psychokinesis, hypnosis, and precognition.  One might expect this from Disney, but from a real estate company? Oh well. When in Rome…

Defendant is a limited liability Jedi Master formerly seated on the High Council but currently a hermit engaging in shenanigans for the help and protection of current troubled residents; the education of potential future residents; and for the lulz. Defendant contends that these are not the ‘droids the Plaintiff are looking for; Defendant can go about his business; and Larry Connor can move along.