Castle Broke Apartments

Just starting to sort through the history of Castlebrook Apartments in Trotwood, OH. Here’s what I’ve found out so far.

  • Larry Connor signed an $11M mortgage in 1997
  • He still owed $10.1M in 2005
  • That mortgage was foreclosed upon by GE Capital
  • Castlebrook was sold at Sheriff’s auction

Larry gets sued for breaking contracts, breaking leases, and defaulting on mortgages.

Larry swings a sweetheart deal with the city of Dayton to build his new HQ.

Larry is a guest lecturer at the University of Dayton on entrepreneurship.

Larry is nominated by the Dayton Business Journal for Executive of the Year.

Dayton, WTF?


Orlando Computer Company


Beside claiming to have graduated ‘Suma (sic) Cum Laude’, Larry Connor lists being Chairman and majority owner of Orlando Computer Company until 1990.

In 1991, Larry co-founded The Connor Group taking it from $0 to $1.3B in 20 years.

That is even more impressive when Larry claimed he and his old lady didn’t have $1000 to their name. This was stated in court documents when someone sued Larry for breach of lease.

Also on July 17, 1991, the Connors and Transamerica executed a “conditional release” agreement… At the time the release was negotiated, L. Connor represented to Transamerica that his financial “net worth” was in the negative.



Broke-ass Larry Connor getting sued for breach of lease. Go figure. The case was finally settled after about 4 years(1994-1998). Maybe Larry fell into some money.


The Connor Group ignored the town of Cary’s signage regulations and continued to use their gaudy practice of “human signage”, dancing balloon men, signs, and flags.







The Connor Group also ignored the town zoning regs and Lochmere neighborhood associations rules regarding green-space by mowing down trees designed to prevent the town from turning into one long barren strip-mall with dancing animals an sign-spinners.

Here is part of what a former The Connor Group property manager in a different state relayed to me:

…but know it was comical to receive weekly code violations from the city for marketing infractions which was a class c misdemeanor in TX, got out of those tickets quickly.




The Connor Group didn’t seem to get out of their Cary problems quite as easily even although they got their $100K in fines and late charges negotiated down to $40K escrow to re-vegetate the damage after having their lawyers threaten to turn it into an constitutional challenge.

AmberwoodTree5 Tree2 AmberwoodTree3





When The Connor Group ignores their residents, regulations, laws, and gets fined, they consider that unconstitutional. When I point out their business practices, they consider that defamation.


Sidenote: In addition to claiming the actions of the town was unconstitutional, The Connor Group put forth the idea of this action being “not fair” and “you’re picking on me”. The Iniquum Principle (or playground defense) is known to be used by adults in traffic situations. “Why’d you pull me over? Why not those other guys?”

Cary Town Council reaches deal with The Connor Group and Amberwood Apartments

Cary Town Council w/ The Connor Group & Amberwood Apartments

The Cary Town Council reached a deal with The Connor Group which destroyed trees and zoned green-spaces after purchasing Amberwood Apartments. (The Cary News). Before I begin my usual diatribe on how I disagree with whatever The Connor Group does, I will state for the record that I agree with them on this one. It’s about time someone stood up to these tree-hugging libtards like Cary council member Jack Smith. Or maybe I should say ‘Hans Smith’ because he was born in Germany to a German mother. * Jack was even a German citizen until 1968.** Space does not allow listing his entire radical C.V. or the pinko organizations of which he belonged.***

Larry Connor Visiting Entrepreneur

Larry Connor Visiting Entrepreneur

The Connor Group Amberwood Apartments Cary Town Council

Unlike upstanding American and entrepreneur Larry Connor, Jack has admitted in his own words his desire to play Big Brother and keep job-creators under his thumb.**** Well Hans, if you don’t like endless miles of concrete and strip malls where you live, maybe you should Trotsky on back to the Fatherland! Larry Connor and his high-paid lawyers aren’t about to stand for your clean, green, affordable, and well-planned plans!

*Because his father was stationed there while in the Army.

**Which he gave up to become to become an Army officer himself

*** U. of Oklahoma, St. Michael’s Catholic church, American Legion Post 67

****Jack believes that Cary should grow in a responsible manner and not at the expense of current residents. Growth must pay for itself and not harm the community’s quality of life. The Town must protect neighborhoods, invest in parks and open space, and maintain high quality recreational programs. At the same time, Cary taxes should remain as low as possible without forcing the Town to reduce its nationally recognized “best in class” services. This can be achieved through continued good planning — striking the right balance between being business friendly and maintaining the community’s charm and appeal.

Stop. Just Stop. We came here for a diatribe. Deliver please.

Yes, of course. Pardon my indulgence in making jokes only I might find funny. Mr. Smith appears to be prototype for the conservative, civic-minded business man. Reading between the lines, it appears he loathes The Connor Group as much if not more than I do. But that’s not what I’m here to bitch about. From the same article:

The Connor Group, which manages Amberwood Apartments, said in a statement: “Obviously, both sides in this matter felt strongly about their position. Fortunately instead of litigating, we were able to come up with a solution that is good for Amberwood and good for the Town of Cary and its residents. We’re ready to move on and we look forward to working with the Town of Cary in the future.”

Actually, this is funny too because The Connor Group has done nothing but litigate against me since filing a SLAPP action in Sept. 2013. It is not stated, but the person behind that quote is probably Ryan Ernst, Minister of Propaganda for The Connor Group. Here is a little example of something else Ryan contributed on a marketing website. (It has been since taken down since someone complained that is was bullshit.)

A new Harris survey concludes that, if companies address negative reviews and feedback head-on, the customer often deletes the negative review AND sometimes even posts a positive one! We make a concerted effort if there is a negative review online to reach out to the resident to try and resolve the issue.

The ‘concerted effort’ made by The Connor Group for the negative reviews I posted was to delete them and threaten me with eviction in concert with one group of lawyers. They held another concert with a second firm threatening me with civil suit. When I discovered company newsletters that supported what I was saying, Ryan Ernst joined the band for the final leg of the tour playing the DMCA take-down notice at the Fillmore East. Others residents have stated that they have also faced retaliation for speaking out that included racial slurs, bogus police reports, forged leases, changed locks, and filing eviction.

The Connor Group is obviously the uber-company that can do anything and everything. They can litigate and not litigate. They can find solutions that are good for everyone and not. They can move on and mow over. They can address negative reviews head-on and they can punish their critics.  Has any company really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Go ask Ryan. I’m sure he’ll give you an appropriate response.

Lakes of Brice – Gunnison Colorado

The Connor Group website said they will be expanding in to Colorado in 2014. The Lakes of Brice apartments which I thought were located in Canal Winchester, Ohio appear to have been relocated to the edge of Alpine Lake in Gunnison, Colorado.



They seemed to have redone the website. Maybe that means Larry wasn’t able to sell all those luxury apartments with all those broken-ass air conditioners. Or maybe he’s just taking another run at it. It has a much better chance of selling now that he’s moved it beside a national forest. Location, locations, location.