Memorial Day is coming up. I was reading a recent complaint from the wife of a disable vet in NC. They moved out of their apartment, but The Connor Group is still making them pay “utilities” on an empty apartment. I’ve blogged about the treatment another vet received from The Connor Group: Choose your favorite […]

Kingmaker: Evict Larry 2

This is an encore performance. While lazy, it is still appropriate. Governor’s office awards state loan to millionaire mortgage defaulter. At this point, Larry is dead wood. Dead wood that can drag you down or dead wood you can step on as a pulpit to herald a new day. Dead wood you can set on […]

Kingmaker: Evict Larry

Will Kasich run in 2016? Would you vote for Kasich? The upcoming presidential election has many asking who will be the power players and how can I get a piece of that action? I’m not different. Election spending is one of the few growth industries and I want a cut. So this is my attempt […]

Villager Jan 2014

I was digging around some more in those stats about The Villager Luxury apartments. The Villager didn’t do so well with it’s inspection Jan 2014. A number failed. One of those failed upon re-inspection. A number passed “with notes”. Maybe those notes weren’t bad. Maybe the notes were “Good Job!” or smiley faces. It looks […]