Sucks to be Evansville

New billing system brings changes for EWSU customers

It’s odd that First Billing Services is participating in Smart City 2.0.

33% will be retrofitted for a new transmitter, requiring no investment or action from property owners. This expense will be covered by the Utility and Johnson Controls, the contractor overseeing Smart City 2.0 – Evansville’s initiative to move the city forward with accurate, modernized and wireless meter reading infrastructure.

The Connor Group (or First Billing Services, Mount Everest, or whatever spiderweb of companies Larry Connor hides behind) will buy a property like The Quarry. The Quarry will already have individual water meters with transmitters in the apartments. The Connor Group could bill each resident for the water that resident uses. Instead, The Connor Group chooses to bill residents using an estimated amount of water based on some ratio that they create. The Connor Group will also refuse to disclose publicly in their advertisements or on their website that this is how they bill. (One resident pressed TCG, FBS, and the BBB to find out. The Connor Group paid him off rather than disclose.) The Connor Group may make you sign a paper at closing that you understand this, but this is usually a point in time where one has given notice, hired movers, and turned over deposits.

The point is: The Connor Group/First Billing Services is able to participate in a program that delivers value to the city and the residents of Evansville, but they can’t be bothered to do the same for the residents of their very own apartments. I’d love to ask Larry which of his company’s core values that demonstrates, but “Sweetness”, as his squash buddies call him, doesn’t speak unless it’s some manufactured platitude funneled into a press release. The only time you’ll really know what Larry’s thinking is when his lawyers serve you.

Here’s another little aside: Water used to be included in most rent. Landlords wanted to bill for water. Entities that sold or re-sold water were regulated by the EPA and the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Landlords lobbied to sell water and NOT have to comply with SDWA. The landlords reasoning was that if residents had to pay for the water they used, they would use less water. It would be an exemption that benefited landlords and impose on renters, but it would conserve water.

The Connor Group in its infinite perverse wisdom turned this on its head like every other law and regulations that applies to them and started billing by RUBS. So, residents are not paying for only the water they use and the incentive to conserve water is lost.

The Connor Group does bill water by usage in North Carolina where it is the law to do so. Ohio legislators introduced a bill to require the same, but that’s a whole other story.

To summarize, a landlord takes advantage of an exemption to bill residents for water to conserve resources but only bothers to complete the part that involves billing residents. The same landlord then goes to work for a utility that IS subject to SDWA testing regulations and delivers the same service it refuses to deliver to its current customers unless forced to by law. When a certain residents takes to the internet to point out this and other raw deals the landlord is dealing to its customers, the landlord files a lawsuit to punish said resident and chill his speech. While said speech is often barbed with memes and obscenities, said speech also contains legitimate political and consumer discussion such as this. This should be offensive to landlords, residents, journalist, lawmakers, investors, vendors, and anyone else that has stumbled across this story or had it thrust in front of them.

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This It Is Now OK To Say About The Connor Group

A couple years ago, if you said these things about The Connor Group, it might have cost you $50,000 for each statement. Today, The Connor Group is waiving those fees and saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars. How can they do this? Volume. Volume. Volume.
The Connor Group makes tons of specious accusations. So many, that sometimes they have some left over that they can’t defend. In order to avoid defending these implausible complaints, they’re passing them on to you at no cost so they can keep their legal fallacy factory operating at full capacity.
Once verboten, now simply speech. Free speech. Today’s special:

The Connor Group…

(a) were “gaming the system” relating to online apartment ratings;

Yes, we’ve known it was true and now The Connor Group has crawled away from saying it wasn’t true. Seriously, how could they possible defend soliciting select residents and paying them $50 or more to write online reviews. Yes, it was an obvious ploy, at least to me, to dilute the people who had legitimate complaints that they refused to handle correctly and pull the wool over the eyes of prospective residents, employees, buyers, and investors.

By itself, “gaming the system” was a petty, unseemly, and unethical. But by trampling on the Free Speech rights of the humble and love-able author by bringing this to court, Larry Connor has further demonstrated to a much wider audience what a greedy, shallow, remorseless snake he and everyone who works for him truly is. While readily apparent to others, Larry’s megalomania blinds him from this fact. I’m fairly certain that inside that hideous hall of vanity mirrors they call their award-winning headquarters has plenty of people walking the halls thinking they should say something to Larry.

For instance, The Connor Group’s minister of propaganda, Ryan Ernst. Ryan has a background in media. He knows the score. He knows they are in the wrong. He knows they can lose. He knows that even if they win, they lose. I’m sure he’s thinking that they should just curl up with a blanket until the fever breaks. Running around pell-mell is only going to risk this turning into pneumonia. The company can sweat out a cold. Secondary infections can be nasty to have and nasty to be around. He’s also thinking that he doesn’t want this to spread to his house, neighborhood, or his kid’s school.

But hey, Larry, don’t let Ryan’s equivocating worry you. You keep doing what you’re doing. It’s always worked in the past. Today’s not any different. There’s no curves I’ve thrown at you that you couldn’t dive away from and there’s nothing unexpected in the future that you won’t be able to handle. You just keep trying to score in the narrow confines of a courtroom and don’t worry about some idiot running around in the real world with unlimited access to information and unlimited ability to disseminate it. You just keep threatening me legally and telling everyone unfavorable things about me. There’s no chance I’ll eventually win people over to me side. If you don’t believe me, just ask one of the fools you pay to keep around and dance for you. It’s not like you don’t pay them a pretty penny for you to indulge in your assholery. If you tell them to file a lawsuit with a shitload of stupid complaints, they’ll do it. They’ll file any stupid shit you want and not question it.

If you tell them to throw out sixteen of those complaints and file a bunch more, they’ll do it. They’ll even file something about ‘equity skimming’ and not think twice it before they cash the check. Why would I think your people would think twice before doing that? I dunno’. I’m not a lawyer or a CFO, but I don’t think I’d mention anything that might possibly allow the court to open your books to me. I know you sure as hell didn’t want the terms of the Meridian deal discussed when you appealed the property taxes. But I digress…

Ohio Court Urges Lawmakers to Pass Anti-SLAPP Law

An Ohio court urges lawmakers to defend freedom of the press 
This case illustrates the need for Ohio to join the majority of states in this country that have enacted statutes that provide for quick relief from suits aimed at chilling protected speech. These suits … can be devastating to individual defendants or small news organizations and act to chill criticism and debate. The fact that the Chagrin Valley Times website has been scrubbed of all mention of Murray or this protest is an example of the chilling effects this has. …In this era of decentralized journalism where the internet has empowered individuals with broad reach, society must balance competing privacy interests with freedom of speech. Given Ohio’s particularly strong desire to protect individual speech, as embodied in its Constitution, Ohio should adopt an anti-SLAPP statute to discourage punitive litigation designed to chill constitutionally protected speech.

Wet Seal Closing II

In this post, I continue my role as facilitator in helping resident humans of The Connor Group (TCG) properties understand the staff at TCG properties. In the previous post, we discussed the function of walls, doors, and windows (WDW) and how their failure to keep the elements outside may cause feelings of cold, vulnerability, and episodic rage black-outs for the residents. We will know discuss how the problems of residents affect the staff and help the residents to understand the staff’s feeling of anxiety,

Anxiety: While having an orifice in the wall of your apartments through which cold, snow, and rapists can pass freely may seem important to you, you must remember that the staff has to deal with you, numerous other residents, and numerous other responsibilities. For instance, did you know that the staff has to post hundreds, if not thousands, of ads to every month? That’s right. Not only are the number of these ads are tracked by corporate, they have formulas for the percentages of ad types that have to be posted dependent upon the numbers at the property (“Algebra! When am I ever going to use this?” Spamming craigslist. That’s where.)

Besides spamming craigslist, the staff are also obligated to “file-dive”, “quiet time”, “QUACK”, solicit paid online reviews, “white-glove inspections”, and harassing residents in their apartments to renew their leases (with a rent increase 100% of the time). You see, your little problems interferes with all the work the staff does to satisfy the investment company for which they work and cause them anxiety. You, the resident, just needs to realize and accept who the real customer (or move and start a website and get sued for defamation. Or just move. Getting sued isn’t for everyone.)